Team Party Crash: The Beauty Bar Glam Pageant

Bringing new meaning to the word beauty.
Don't know about you, but we prefer to live vicariously through others. Thus the logic behind sending Gawker hack-at-large K. Eric Walters and softcore lensman Nikola Tamindzic to the Beauty Bar last night for their monthly, debauched, Sunday night beauty pageant. Dan… » 6/06/05 4:40pm 6/06/05 4:40pm

Team Party Crash: Hamptons Magazine Party

Working class hero, Hamptons publisher Jason Binn.
So what are you doing for Memorial Day weekend? STD check-up? Making internet porn? Going out of town? We can assure you Gawker Special Correspondent K. Eric Walters is doing all of the above. But before he left the city early, we sent him and photographer Nikola… » 5/26/05 10:52am 5/26/05 10:52am

Guest Editor: Acknowledgments, Feedback Still Welcome

Hey folks, it's been real. Thanks to Gawker Media and Ms. Jessica Coen. Good luck to the staffers at Radar: I hope your site traffic picks up soon.* On that note, I ll leave you with a fascinating tip, received via electronic mail only hours ago. » 5/20/05 6:00pm 5/20/05 6:00pm

Remainders: All Blogs, All the Time, All Wrong

· A new study on web-logs finds 32 million people can be wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong.[Business 2.0]
· What happens when a blog meets trucker hat? Sky falls, sharks jump, and Denton smiles. Some of us, however, struggle to hold back tears. [Adrants]
· Blogarajah Jeff Jarvis leaves to change the world… » 5/20/05 5:40pm 5/20/05 5:40pm

Media Bubble: Unabated, The Mark Burnett Invasion Continues

· MSN signs deal with Mark The Contender Burnett; his new show (called Rockstar — we can only imagine its premise) will soon infect your broadband connection. [AdAge]
· Former New York Post copy editor/current blogger Dawn Eden is "moving on up" at The Daily News. Congrats, Dawn. We think. [The Politicker]
· UPN… » 5/20/05 4:55pm 5/20/05 4:55pm

Radar: This Week in Hate Mail

We ve been listening, dear readers. You absolutely love our absurdist Radar coverage. You think it s clever and compelling. You think it s hilarious. You want more. You demand it. You crave it. » 5/20/05 3:33pm 5/20/05 3:33pm

Marquee Bouncers Incite Violence, Bruises At Radar After-Party

Evidence of the alleged victim's bouncer-induced bruises (click to enlarge). » 5/20/05 1:35pm 5/20/05 1:35pm

Bill Hemmer: Producers Are There For a Reason

TVNewser has the scoop on CNN s American Morning co-host, the one and only Bill Hemmer. Hemmer, it seems, is having problems getting his New York job moved to D.C. (There are still summer internships available, no?) Reports the Newser: » 5/20/05 11:25am 5/20/05 11:25am

NYT: Putting Us in Our Poverty-Stricken Place

As part of its continuing, multi-part, in-depth, expose on the roots of Upper West Side liberal guilt, the folks over at the Times website put together a handy to guide to "class." (Don't worry, it's free.) The "Interactive Graphic" tells you how much money you should be making, had you made at least one smart career… » 5/20/05 9:20am 5/20/05 9:20am

Remainders: The Nothing About 'Radar' Edition (Seriously)

·Think you have an eating disorder? You probably do! So get over your anorexia, and train like a competive eater. [Black Table]
·What s a housing map? Don t know, but if it will knock $300 off the rent, we re listening. [omg]
· The blog-on-blog wildness at Standard Deviance is quoted in Time Magazine. Rejoice! There's… » 5/19/05 6:20pm 5/19/05 6:20pm

Media Bubble: As Words Die, Popularity of eBay Rises

·Is print dying? Yes? No? Maybe? The sooner the better? The Wall Street Journal weighs in. [WSJ via Romenesko]
·Finally! We can waste money on eBay without leaving the sofa. [Mediaweek]
·Plimpton prot g Brigid Hughes (aka, the editor who got sacked from The Paris Review a couple months back) plans to start new… » 5/19/05 4:40pm 5/19/05 4:40pm

Emailing Scary Norwegians From Brooklyn

Nothing gets our Satan-worshipping hearts beating faster than a long, bizarre, and heated email exchange between a Brooklyn writer and a Norwegian black metal group. Hunh? Norwegian Black Metal? A Brooklyn freelance writer? Fuck! It's the Apocalypse! » 5/19/05 3:20pm 5/19/05 3:20pm

Sylvester Stallone: Fake Heavyweight Champion Turns Real Magazine…

Recall: Sly Stallone has a new magazine. Its editorial staff is the same as Men s Fitness, based out of New York. (You don t have a subscription? Freak.) And, we re told, Sly is quite the hands on Editorial Director. He writes almost 80 percent of the copy in the magazine, most on a reporter s tablet, then faxes the… » 5/19/05 2:07pm 5/19/05 2:07pm


NOT EXCLUSIVE: Gawker Media has taken the unprecedented step of launching its own internal investigation into allegations of misreporting at last night's Radar Launch Party, sources close to Gawker tell Gawker...Developing...
-KEW » 5/19/05 12:39pm 5/19/05 12:39pm

Owen King: In Praise of Nepotism Redux

We don t envy writers who have to scribble away in the shadows of their superstar parents. (See: Amis, Martin; Bellow, Adam.) Actually, we re lying. They get book deals! We're so sick with envy we can t even finish our own "works in progress." Which takes us to Brooklyn-resident Owen King, son of Stephen. Owen s book… » 5/19/05 11:30am 5/19/05 11:30am