Media Bubble: Unabated, The Mark Burnett Invasion Continues

· MSN signs deal with Mark The Contender Burnett; his new show (called Rockstar — we can only imagine its premise) will soon infect your broadband connection. [AdAge]
· Former New York Post copy editor/current blogger Dawn Eden is "moving on up" at The Daily News. Congrats, Dawn. We think. [The Politicker]
· UPN… » 5/20/05 4:55pm 5/20/05 4:55pm

Remainders: The Nothing About 'Radar' Edition (Seriously)

·Think you have an eating disorder? You probably do! So get over your anorexia, and train like a competive eater. [Black Table]
·What s a housing map? Don t know, but if it will knock $300 off the rent, we re listening. [omg]
· The blog-on-blog wildness at Standard Deviance is quoted in Time Magazine. Rejoice! There's… » 5/19/05 6:20pm 5/19/05 6:20pm

Sylvester Stallone: Fake Heavyweight Champion Turns Real Magazine…

Recall: Sly Stallone has a new magazine. Its editorial staff is the same as Men s Fitness, based out of New York. (You don t have a subscription? Freak.) And, we re told, Sly is quite the hands on Editorial Director. He writes almost 80 percent of the copy in the magazine, most on a reporter s tablet, then faxes the… » 5/19/05 2:07pm 5/19/05 2:07pm